Full Circle Farm

Full Circle Farm: "Subscription frequency is weekly or every other week; and the recurring orders can be skipped or canceled at any time before the close of an open order's modification period.

There are two subscription sizes to choose from, and from there you can increase quantity or purchase additional produce or grocery items to make each order perfect for your household.
Standard Size Family Size
Washington Pick-up $30 Pick-up $39
Home Delivery $34 Home Delivery $43

Alaska* Pick-up $40* Pick-up $50.25*
Home Delivery $44 Home Delivery $54.25

*Prices in Alaska locations outside of the Anchorage metropolitan area are subject to increase relative to additional shipping, delivery or float plane costs to the area.

Standard size.
Perfect for a household of two adults, with just enough extra to accommodate a young child's appetite.
Family size.
Best fits a family of four. We give a little bit more of each item in the box to make room for those extra seats at your dinner table.

Each order contains between 12-14 fruits, vegetables, and herbs, with the amount of each item increasing from the Regular to the Family size. Contents will vary to bring you a balance of variety and staples from week to week, depending on seasonality, availability, quality and pricing.

For Example
The following list details contents in a Standard Box received by our members in the last month. And to make sure you receive food you love to eat, we offer several options for substituting and/or adding items to your order.

Salad Mix (Cut Greens) FCF
Bunched Orange Carrots FCF
Fresh Coco Rubico Snap Beans FCF
Collard Greens FCF
Cherry Tomatoes FCF
Green Cabbage FCF
White Sweet Corn FCF
Red Beets FCF
Tosca Pears *
Nectarines *
Farmer's Choice Of Melons FCF
Flavorich Pluots *"