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Robin Powell's Beliefs Page: "#

I am a Singularitary Activist. The short version of that is that I work towards the coming of the The Technological Singularity (if you're familiar with the term, note that I'm of the 'Intelligence Explosion' school), that I think it's the most important thing for humans to work towards, I think it will change everything, I don't believe that it will happen by itself, and I am trying to help it happen in a way that will benefit all humankind.

I have written an essay about why the singularity is so important to me titled The Future Of Intelligence. The short version of that essay is: donate to The Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence.
# I believe that if I ever become truly fluent in lojban, to the point of having lojban as my inner monologue language, my thought will be more precise and, in a sense, more intelligent."