How to Travel 12 Countries with No Baggage Whatsoever

How to Travel 12 Countries with No Baggage Whatsoever

Mountain Hardware Hiking pants that have zip of legs. That way I have a pair of pants and shorts all in one.

Ex officio underwear has been a lifesaver. Socks, shirts, convertible pants…in general, their whole line is geared toward minimalist travel

Instead of a cotton t-shirt, bring a dri-fit shirt. You can easily wash it in any shower or sink, and they dry so quickly you dont really need a spare.

If I am going to be swimming I will wear biking shorts underneath my regular shorts or pants. You can drop your shorts, go for a swim, the bike shorts will dry off a lot quicker

I took high resolution pictures of all of the maps I would need, and my camera allowed me to zoom into the picture with incredible detail

leatherman or something similar rather than a switchblade, cargo pants rather than jeans, a waterproof jacket w/ a hoodie rather than a jacket, poncho, and hat, or a pouch w/ room for documentation, phone, and money (one of the ones that tourists often wear around their necks) rather than carrying them all separate. Vests work wonders as well, but the more multipurpose things you carry, the less you will have to bring with you.